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London Conference 2016


Climate Change:

Science and Geoethics

An international multidisciplinary conference
to be held in London, UK
September 8-9, 2016

organized by
The Independent Committee in Geoethics

“I suspect that a suitably learned community in geoethics
will enhance the needed global effort to sustain human existence
and our environment on Earth”

(John Geissman, Editors’ Vox, EOS, Vol. 97, No. 9, April 2016)

Welcome to

and experience
“The New Dawn of Truth”


Organization Committee

Secretary General: Professor Nils-Axel Mörner (morner@pog.nu),

Independent Committee on Geoethics (ICG), former head of Paleogeophysics & Geodynamics at Stockholm University.


Christopher Monckton of Brenchley, UK, ICG

Madhav Khandekar, Canada, ICG

Roger Tattersall, UK, ICG

Philip Foster, UK, ICG

Franco Maranzana, Italy, ICG

Leonello Serva, Italy, ICG

Jan-Erik Solheim, Norway, ICG





Conference Volume

Extended abstracts and Commentary Notes were collected in a separate 124 page Conference Volume, which was uploaded on ResearchGate on 9 August were it is accessible at:






Thursday 8 September: Natural drivers of climate changes

08.30     Registration (uploading of ppt-files)

08.50     Welcome and information
Download (day-1-paper-0-welcome-address-pptx)   

Session 1: Influence of the Sun and the major planets on the Earth’s climate

09.00     Nils-Axel Mörner: An introduction to planetary-solar-terrestrial interaction
Download day-1-paper-1-morner

09.20     Roger Tattersall & Richard Salvador: Does solar system orbital motion and resonance synchronize solar variation, LOD and ENSO?
Download does-solar-system-orbital-motion-and-resonance-synchronise

09.40     Ned Nikolov & Karl Zeller: A new planetary temperature model and its implication for the Greenhouse theory
Download day-1-paper-3-nikolov

10.00     Discussion


10.10     Tea and coffee

10.30     Nicola Scafetta: Multi-frequency spectral coherence between planetary and global surface temperature oscillations
Download: scafetta-london-2016 

10.50     Jan-Erik Solheim: Ice margins, the Sun and the planets
Download: london_solheim_ice-edge-final

11.10     Per Strandberg: Drivers of ENSO variability
Download: day-1-paper-6-strandberg

11.30     Indrani Roy: An overview of Solar Influence on Climate
Download: missing

11.50     Discussion

12:0013.00: Lunch

Session 2: Ocean variability

13.00     Martin Hovland: Documented pH and temperature anomalies in the deep ocean *
Download: phandtanomaliesmh16icg

13.20     Wyss Yim: Sub-aerial and submarine volcanic eruptions and climatic variability
Download: day-1-paper-9-yim


Session 3: Natural influences on climate

13.40     Peter Ward: Ozone depletion, not greenhouse warming, caused recent warming *
                 Download:  day-1-paper-10-ward

14.00     Hans Jelbring: The dominant physical processes that cause climate change
Download: london-jelbring-final

14.20     Alex Pope: Ice on land.
Download: alex-pope-ice-on-land-sept-7-2016

14.40     Discussion

Session “The CHIC project”

15.00   Fabio Pistella and Leonello Serva: The CHIC project of ICG
Download: presentazione-chic_11-2-1

15.20     Discussion

15.40   Tea and coffee

16.00   General discussion and additional comments
Download: day-1-paper-14-generldiscussion-pptx

17.00     End of Day-1 program

* Keynote presentations


Friday 9 September: The temperature plot and its consequences

08.30     mingle and uploading of ppt-files

08.50     Welcome and information
Download: day-2-paper-0-welcome-address-pptx

Session 4: The greenhouse effect and anthropogenic global warming

09.00     Jan-Erik Solheim: Result of a greenhouse experiment
Download: london-solheim-greenhouse

09.20     Francois Gervais: Tiny CO2 warming challenged by Earth greening
Download: day-2-paper-2-gervais

09.40     Piers Corbyn: The total failure of the ManMade Climate Change story
Download: pierscorbyninternationalclimatechange9thsep2016london

10.00     Discussion

10.10     Tea and coffee

10.30     Albrecht Glatzle: Reconsidering livestock’s role in climate change *
Download: day-2-paper-4-glatzle-icg

10.50     Pamela Klein: Is climate science serious?
Download: pamela-klein-5

11.10     Benoît Rittaud: Epistemology of Climate Change
Download: rittaud-6

11.30     Thomas Wysmuller: Sea-level rise and CO2
Download: day2londonwysmuller7final2016

11.50     Discussion


12:00–13.00    Lunch

13.00     Maria Araujo: Sea level data in the Iberian Peninsula
Download: day-2-paper-8-araujo

13.20     Nils-Axel Mörner: Modelled vs observed sea-level changes
Download: day-2-paper-9-morner

13.40     Discussion

Session 5: Implications of the catastrophist anthropogenic global warming hypothesis

13.50     Madhav Khandekar: Climate change and extreme weather: projection, perception and reality *               Download: day-2-paper-10-khandekar

14.10     Philip Foster: Good science and good scientific ethics go hand by hand
Download: foster-11

14.30     Christopher Monckton of Brenchley: Genocidal climate science *
Download: sensi-cm16-12

14.50     Discussion

15.10     Tea and coffee

Session 6: General discussion

15.30     General discussion, conclusions and communiqué
Download 1: day-2-paper-13-general-discussion-x-pptx
Download 2: day-2-paper-13-general-discussion-better-pptx
Download 3: day2-paper-14-ward
Download 4: day-2-paper-15-nikolov

17:00     End of Day-2 program, end of Conference

           * Keynote presentations


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